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January 2, 2016

Your Ann Arbor cosmetic dentist can change your life

Ann Arbor cosmetic dentistAnn Arbor cosmetic dentist, James Olsen DDS, changes smiles and lives, too. Explore his many dental services, including whitening, veneers and clear braces.

There comes a point in life where you need a change. For people discouraged by dull, chipped, stained smiles, Ann Arbor cosmetic dentist, James Olsen DDS, offers many aesthetic dental services that change his patients’ lives for the better.


What cosmetic dentistry offers

After a complete oral examination, Dr. Olsen encourages a patient to detail what he would like to change about his smile. It could be tooth color, or alignment–even something as simple as a gap between 2 front teeth. Dr. Olsen presents treatment options that make sense for the health and facial appearance of the individual and helps him decide how he would like to move forward.

Smile makeovers can be as simple as brightening tooth color or as complex as orthodontic correction. Here are some of the cosmetic dental services this LVI-trained practitioner offers–either singly or in combination.

Professional teeth whitening. Dr. Olsen offers patients with healthy teeth and gums 2 whitening options–both used at home. One is Opalescence whitening. Using custom-made acrylic trays which fit tightly over the teeth, the patient applies dental grade carbamide or hydrogen peroxide gel for a specified amount of time daily. The stains often associated with cigarettes, dark foods and beverages and the aging process lift out gradually. After a week or so, teeth are brighter by up to 8 shades of color.

Another option is Venus White. This system also uses individualized trays, but the gel’s active ingredient is potassium nitrate. While it effectively whitens teeth, it also protects them from the sensitivity issues which plague some patients. Dr. Olsen is so pleased with whitening that he offers qualified patients free whitening kits with dental exams, cleanings and x-rays.

For heavier staining and to cover imperfections such as chips, odd shape, hairline cracks, gaps and minor crowding, your Ann Arbor cosmetic dentist delivers porcelain veneers. Custom-made, ultra-thin shells of fine ceramic, veneers are permanently bonded the front side of one or more teeth. Veneers, or dental laminates, require minor enamel etching so that patient’s mouth comfortably accommodates them. The laminates add strength and beauty to smiles and last for many years with good flossing and brushing. Amazingly, Dr. Olsen may preview the finished smile for a patient even before the laminates are fabricated and placed.

Finally, Invisalign and Clear Correct invisible aligners provide an alternative to traditional orthodontics. Rather than archwires, brackets and their inconvenience and discomforts, Dr. Olsen  uses these custom-made acrylic aligners to move crooked teeth into better-looking and healthier positions. Treatment time is typically shorter than with metal braces, and patients remove aligners to eat, brush, floss and attend special events such as proms and job interviews. Patients enjoy their usual healthy diets, too!

Your life could change

Contact Dr. Olsen’s support staff in Ann Arbor for your personal cosmetic dentistry appointment. Changing your life can be as simple as changing your smile!

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