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Dental Implants in Ann Arbor

Losing a tooth has a big impact on your quality of life -- and losing more than one tooth? The effect can be dramatic. When you’ve suffered tooth loss, it’s time for a replacement. Dental implants placed by your cosmetic dentist in Ann Arbor, Dr. James Olsen, restore your ability to eat, speak, and smile as naturally (and as beautifully) as ever.

How do dental implants work? And why are dental implants better than the other options in tooth replacement? If you’re like most people considering your options for completing your smile, you’ve got questions about dental implants in Ann Arbor. Dr. Olsen has answers.

Implant Dentistry Offers Comprehensive Solutions

Dental implants are a whole-tooth replacement. That means they give you back both parts of the tooth: its root and the prosthetic tooth that sits on top. With the stability provided by the dental implant within the jaw, your new denture or crown is just as secure as your natural teeth.

What is a dental implant? It’s a small titanium cylinder that is buried beneath the gum line. Over a recovery period of four to eight months, the dental implant osseointegrates -- or fuses with -- the jaw bone. You will wear a temporary tooth replacement in the meantime. Once osseointegration is complete, the dental implant is just another part of your body, and its restoration can begin. You will return to Dr. Olsen’s office, where a connecting abutment will be placed to connect your tooth replacement to the new prosthetic device.

Multiple Benefits of Dental Implants

Patients who are eligible for dental implants (find more on candidacy for implant dentistry below) should know there is no better choice to be made. Dental implants offer an array of benefits for people suffering from the loss of one, two, or a full row of teeth. The advantages associated with dental implants include…

And when cared for properly with regular cleaning and visits to the dentist, dental implants can last a lifetime. Rarely, a condition known as peri-implantitis causes the delayed failure of dental implants. Peri-implantitis can be prevented with excellent dental hygiene.

Candidates for Traditional Dental Implants

Consult your implant dentist to find out for sure whether or not you are eligible for implant dentistry. Successful patients should have plenty of supporting jawbone. A bone augmentation surgery can be performed in advance of implants for building up weak or insufficient bone structure. Patients should also be in acceptable oral and overall health, free from serious gum disease and conditions affecting the immune system, like HIV/AIDS, uncontrolled diabetes, and advanced-stage cancers.

Dental Implants from Your Dentist in Ann Arbor

Many implant dentists must refer patients to an oral surgeon for the placement of dental implants, but not Dr. Olsen. He is equipped to perform the entire procedure for dental implants, from initial implantation to final restoration, in our state-of-the-art office! Contact James Olsen DDS to discuss your candidacy for implant dentistry today.

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