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Diode Laser – Ann Arbor, MI

Enjoy Pinpoint Accuracy Today!

Dr. Olsen believes his patients deserve to benefit from the best when it comes to their dental care. That’s why he combines his extensive qualifications and experience with the latest technological advancements. Among one of the many innovations you’ll find is the diode laser in our Ann Arbor, MI dental office. You’ll enjoy less invasive and more accurate soft tissue treatments to change the way you look at dentistry.

What is a Diode Laser?

A diode laser uses a highly concentrated beam of light energy to precisely target soft tissue. When compared to using a scalpel and sutures, a soft tissue laser provides more accurate results with less damage to healthy tissue.

The laser sterilizes while it cuts to kill as much as 99% of bacteria to reduce the risk of infection. It also cauterizes blood vessels while it removes tissue to reduce the risk of bleeding. Overall, you’ll enjoy a less invasive procedure with a shorter recovery time.

How Can a Diode Laser Help Me?

Patient receiving diode laser dentistry

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates at least 50% of Americans have a form of gum disease despite it being preventable. When gum disease isn’t treated in the early stages, it can cause significant damage to the gingival tissue. A soft tissue laser is now a common aspect of gum disease treatment in Ann Arbor.

The laser pinpoints and removes diseased tissue while killing harmful bacteria to prevent it from spreading. The tissue also stimulates the healing process, encouraging your gums to adhere to your teeth to prevent the infection from reoccurring.


Gum Reshaping

If your gum line has been damaged by disease or injury, it can harm the appearance of your smile. Maybe you’ve been told you have a “gummy smile” because your gingival tissue covers too much of your teeth? No matter the issue, Dr. Olsen can use the diode laser to improve your gum line.

When compared to a scalpel, the laser provides more accurate results to enhance the aesthetics of your smile. The laser can smooth your gum line to correct the damage caused by disease or injury. It can also remove excessive tissue to reveal more of your tooth’s surfaces to say good-bye to your gummy smile. Overall, your teeth will look more proportionate to give you a confident smile you’ll want to show off.

What are the Benefits of a Diode Laser?

man with attractive smile after diode laser dentistry

A diode laser allows you to enjoy a variety of benefits that aren’t possible using traditional methods, including:

  • No need for a scalpel or sutures for a less invasive treatment.
  • More precise and accurate results.
  • Kills 99% of bacteria.
  • Reduced risk of bleeding.
  • Reduced risk of infection.
  • Less painful.
  • Shorter recovery.

Experience the Difference Today!

Our modern dental office features the latest technologies and methods to enhance the level of care you receive. If you’re ready to choose a less invasive solution, contact our dental office today to learn more about laser dentistry.