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Phase One TMJ Therapy – Ann Arbor, MI

Stop Your Jaw Pain without Surgery

Reoccurring jaw pain can cause simple tasks to seem almost impossible, like biting into a hamburger or even yawning. If you are among the 12% of Americans living with a disorder of the temporomandibular joint, Dr. James Olsen has the solutions you need to stop your pain. He provides Phase One TMJ therapy in Ann Arbor, MI. Dr. Olsen uses the latest technologies to create customized treatment plans to give you the relief you need without surgery.

Advanced Technology for TMJ Therapy

X-Ray of jaw and skull bone

Dr. Olsen combines his expertise in treating TMJ disorders with the latest technologies. He routinely uses Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) as part of his treatment process. The muscles are electrically stimulated to massage themselves. This allows pain and stiffness to be reduced to improve the mobility of your jaw.

Along with TENS technology, he also uses the K-7 scanning unit. This simple scan allows him to find the ideal resting position for your jaw. He then incorporates this information into your treatment plan.

Phase One Treatment Options

pen pointing to TMJ

Phase One TMJ therapy provides you with conservative options to avoid surgical intervention. After an initial consultation, Dr. Olsen creates a customized treatment plan, which can include one or more of the following options.

Bite Splints

The custom-made plastic appliance fits over your upper or lower teeth to control how your teeth hit one another. Your dentist in Ann Arbor uses the appliance to reposition your jaw into a more comfortable position. Over time, your jaw learns to rest there natural to reduce wear on your teeth, stress on the joints, and muscle tension.


Prescribed medications can help relax your muscles and reduce inflammation. The can help stop your pain while improving grinding or clenching your teeth.

Physical Therapy

There are several therapies that can improve the strength and mobility of your jaw while also reducing stress and pressure. This can range from strength-training exercises and massages to applying heat and cold.


Trigger points can be relieved using injections, like steroids. This can reduce inflammation and soreness while Botox injections can temporarily prevent your muscles from contracting.

Often, Phase One treatments are effective for treating the symptoms of TMJ. If the conservative options are not enough, Dr. Olsen will discuss more invasive solutions.

Stop Your Jaw Pain Today!

You do not need to live with a painful, stiff jaw. You can conquer your TMJ disorder symptoms with a tailored treatment plan. Contact our dental office today to schedule your consultation for TMJ therapy.