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February 14, 2017

Porcelain Veneers In Ann Arbor Give You A Movie Star Smile

Want to upgrade your smile, but have more than one issue to address? With porcelain veneers in Ann Arbor, you can get the perfect teeth you deserve!      You’re a busy professor at the University of Michigan and you love educating your students – you’re confident about your knowledge and you love lecturing, but your teeth make you self-conscious.  You don’t want to wonder if your students are paying more attention to your mouth than the information that comes out of it. You want to upgrade your smile, but braces won’t fix the chips and staining from all the coffee you drink – plus, you wouldn’t want a mouthful of metal anyway. What can you do? You can work with Dr. James Olsen. With his expertise in porcelain veneers in Ann Arbor, he can give you the winning smile you deserve.

What Are Porcelain Veneers?

Veneers are a great way to address many common cosmetic and physiological issues with your current dentitions. They are thin, yet extremely durable shells of porcelain that are permanently bonded to the front side of your teeth.

What Issues Do Porcelain Veneers Address?

This upgrade corrects several problems that patients deal with, including:

  • Chips – If you have nicks or chipped teeth, this is a great way to restore their natural shape and functionality.
  • Staining – Veneers are a great way to address discoloration, especially from medications like tetracycline antibiotics.
  • Gaps & Alignment Issues – Close gaps and fix moderate crookedness without traditional metal braces.
  • Short Teeth – It’s natural for teeth to vary in length. You can make them more symmetrical and create proper connection when you chew with veneers.
  • Misshapen Teeth – Teeth can sometimes develop with irregular appearance. We can correct the look and shape of your problematic areas.

If you have more than one aesthetic issue you’d like to address, this treatment is especially great. Rather than having teeth whitening, braces, and direct bonding done, porcelain veneers can lighten, straighten, and lengthen your teeth all at once.

What Is The Process For Porcelain Veneers?

When you meet with Dr. Olsen, he’ll create an individualized treatment plan that will handle your current dental issues. You’ll discuss the result you want from your porcelain veneers in Ann Arbor, and you can have veneers applied to one, two, or ten teeth – it’s up to you.

Then, you’ll choose the shade of porcelain and bonding agent, so your teeth will be exactly the color you want. At that point, your natural teeth will be prepared to have the veneers attached to them. They’ll be applied to the front side of your existing dentitions, and you’ll be all done. You can start showing off your perfect smile.

Do Porcelain Veneers Work?

Absolutely. This treatment method is so effective that stars like Katy Perry and Tom Cruise have porcelain veneers. They’re natural-looking and long-lasting, too – with proper care, veneers can last decades.


Now that you know all that porcelain veneers can do for you, schedule your appointment with Dr. James Olsen – get the ideal smile you’ve been waiting for!




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