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June 21, 2017

Who Treats Broken Dental Crowns in Ann Arbor?

Fix or replace damaged dental crowns in Ann Arbor with Dr. Olsen.As you run your tongue along your teeth or bite into a piece of food, do you feel like something just is not right with your dental crown? It may have cracked or come loose. In some cases, it is a bit more obvious that there is a problem because it can fall out completely. While your first instinct may be to head to the nearest emergency dentist, broken dental crowns in Ann Arbor rarely require immediate care. However, you will need to schedule an appointment with Dr. James Olsen within the next couple of days to have it replaced or fixed.

Why Did My Dental Crown Break?

A crown is a protective cap that is placed over a broken tooth in Ann Arbor to restore its function, appearance, and health. While they are commonly used for severely decayed or damaged teeth, they can also be used to prevent a compromised tooth from breaking or along with other treatments, like a dental bridge. No matter the reason you have one in place, there is a chance it can become damaged over time.

On average, a crown will last 10 to 15 years before needing replaced. In some cases, it may need repaired or replaced sooner. Every day wear and tear can cause it to come loose or cracks to form. If you bite on an overly hard piece of food or grind your teeth, it causes strain, which can result in it breaking.

What Do I Do If My Crown Breaks?

If your crown breaks, do not panic. Examine the area to determine the extent of the damage. If it is very loose, you may want to remove it so you do not accidently swallow it. After it is all the way out, your tooth will likely feel jagged, so do not be alarmed. Avoid eating and placing pressure on it and keep the area clean to prevent infection until after it has been fixed.

Call your dentist to schedule an appointment to have it repaired. Never try to fix it or bond it yourself because you risk causing damage and infection. If you have any pain or discomfort while you wait for your appointment, use over-the-counter pain relievers.

How is a Dental Crown Fixed?

If the crack in the crown is minor, Dr. Olsen may be able to repair it. If it just came loose, it can be sterilized and bonded to your tooth. However, if the damage is severe, Dr. Olsen will likely recommend that you have an entirely new restoration created. This is also the better option if it is around 10 years old as well.

Where Can I Have My Crown Repaired?

If something just does not feel right in your mouth and you suspect a broken crown, Dr. James Olsen can help. He will evaluate the extent of the damage to fix or replace your restoration. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation to stop the discomfort.

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