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TMJ Pain Relief with Neuromuscular Dentistry in Ann Arbor

Experience Sweet Relief from TMJ Pain with Help from Dr. Olsen

Our supply of technological services doesn’t stop at just the health of your teeth! If you constantly find yourself plagued by TMJ pain, such as headaches, we can use computerized services such as our TENS machine, K-7 muscle scanning units, and Teks Scan sensors in order to properly diagnose your condition and determine the best course of action. Dr. Olsen and his team will be happy to help you feel much more comfortable in Ann Arbor, MI.

Staying on the cutting edge of dental care helps us provide relief from TMJ pain and headaches. Few people realize that jaw problems can lead to a wide variety of problems in and around the head and neck region. Issues with the temporomandibular joint, otherwise known as TMJ, can cause pain in the head, neck, and shoulders. TMJ pain, muscle aches, and headaches can interfere with your ability to move through life comfortably, robbing you of the ability to concentrate and enjoy even your favorite activities. However, with our neuromuscular approach to treatment, we can alleviate TMJ pain and headaches, and have you happily getting back to the things you love in no time.

Neuromuscular dentistry has the ability to alleviate a variety of problems associated with TMJ including:

TENS and K-7 Analysis Provide TMJ Evaluation and assist us in TMJ diagnosis and Headache Relief in Ann Arbor, Saline, and Southeast Michigan.

Getting to the root of your TMJ pain and headache pain, as well as other problems associated with TMJ problems takes the latest technology. Using our TENS unit and K-7 computerized muscle scanning unit, we can assess your muscle aches, pains, and oral health issues. They are simply measuring devices designed to assist in our evaluation of your muscles and temporomandibular joint related problems. With in depth analysis, we can offer neuromuscular dentistry therapies that will help alleviate TMJ pain, headache pain, and jaw alignment problems. Sometimes you have to think outside the box to solve these complex issues.

If you’re still suffering these problems after other therapies have failed, it’s time to explore different options. We are here for you.

Dr. Olsen uses the latest technology to evaluate the condition of your muscles and TMJ. Call us to get rid of those headaches and jaw pain. Start feeling better soon!

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