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General Dentistry in Ann Arbor

When you were a child, your parents probably took you for dental checkups at least once a year. As an adult, you should continue this healthy habit with regular general dentistry care from James Olsen DDS. As an Ann Arbor dentist, Dr. Olsen understands the role that a well-designed dental care plan plays in the health and wellness of not only your mouth but your entire body. Moreover, he also knows that a beautiful smile requires routine maintenance to retain that bright, healthy look.

General Dentistry Your Entire Family

When you step into our newly renovated consultation room, Dr. Olsen will discuss any concerns you might have about the health of your smile, making sure to ask you plenty of questions about your dental care history and specific smile goals. He then creates a custom general dentistry treatment plan that meets your needs. Some of the general dentistry services offered by James Olsen DDS include:

You’ll notice that at the top of that list is dental hygiene, which requires the combined efforts of you and our skilled dental hygienist. At home, you need to brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss your teeth at least once. When you brush and floss, you remove plaque, which is that clear, sticky film in which hide the bacteria that can cause tooth decay and gum disease. Here in our office, we thoroughly clean and polish your teeth at each of your biannual dental checkups, and we also examine your teeth, gums and entire oral cavity for signs of trouble.

Gum Disease Treatment from the Ann Arbor Dentist

One of the most common troubles we find is gum disease. Believe it or not, estimates are that some 80 percent of American adults have a degree of gum disease. For patients with gingivitis—early stage gum disease—we treat with scaling and root planing to completely remove plaque and tartar and smooth root surfaces. If necessary, we’ll apply a topical antibiotic to treat the bacterial infection that causes gum disease. If you have periodontitis—advanced stage gum disease—then we can use dental laser therapy to reduce infection, encourage gum tissue reattachment to your teeth and reduce bleeding and swelling.

If you or a family member is due for a dental checkup, then call the office of Dr. James Olsen, the Ann Arbor dentist who has been help people have healthy and happy smiles for years.

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