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James Olsen, DDS Blog

September 12, 2023

What Is the Link Between TMD and Tinnitus?

Frowning older woman with tinnitus

Ringing in the ears, also called tinnitus, is an annoying problem. It could even become so distracting that it affects your mental health and quality of life. Some individuals with this condition become so downhearted that they commit suicide. While some cases of tinnitus are, sadly, untreatable, other cases are reversible via treatment for TMJ disorder (TMD). What exactly is the link between TMD and tinnitus? This blog post explains.


Buyer Beware! Know the Risks of Mail-Order Clear Aligners

Close-up of teeth with clear aligner

In recent years, mail-order clear aligners have become increasingly popular. These systems lure people in with promises of convenience and a low price tag. Have you been tempted to straighten your teeth using one of these products? If so, you should be aware of the risk that you are taking. This blog post discusses some potential downsides of mail-order clear aligners so you can make a well-informed decision about how to care for your smile. In all likelihood, you will decide to seek professional treatment from a local dentist instead.


August 24, 2023

Do Essential Oils Relieve TMJ Pain?

Essential oils in glass bottlesIf your jaw clicks, pops, or grates when you open and close your mouth, you may have a TMJ disorder. Your temporomandibular joints are on either side of your face near your ears. The joints connect your jaw to your skull. Inflammation, injuries, and other issues can cause the joints to function incorrectly. You don’t have to live with recurring jaw pain. Here are 5 essential oils that can relieve your discomfort.


July 13, 2023

Invisalign Refinements: What They Are and Why They’re Necessary

Smiling woman

Invisalign is an excellent way to straighten your smile without traditional metal braces. After creating a treatment plan with the help of a 3D map of the teeth, your dental care provider will set you up with a sequence of clear plastic aligners (also called trays). You then wear each aligner for around two weeks before moving on to another, each one pushing your teeth closer to the ideal position.

Sometimes the course of treatment does not go quite as planned and adjustments are necessary. Invisalign refinements are how your dental care provider can get your treatment back on track. Read on to find out how they can help you achieve your ideal smile.


June 8, 2023

Can I Get Invisalign on Just My Top or Bottom Teeth?

woman smiling and holding one Invisalign aligner

Overall, you like your smile. It seems mostly straight, but you have a couple of teeth you’d prefer to fix. In your estimation, it shouldn’t require too much work; in fact, you think your smile could be resolved by having Invisalign on just that one arch. But is that even possible? Under what circumstances would single-arch treatment be acceptable with Invisalign? Read on to learn the answers!


May 10, 2023

Will It Hurt to Have Invisalign Attachments Removed?

patient holding Invisalign tray and smiling

If you’re considering Invisalign treatment to straighten your teeth, you may have come across the term “Invisalign attachments.” These attachments are small tooth-colored bumps or buttons that are occasionally used in conjunction with Invisalign aligners to help achieve more precise tooth movements. When it comes to removing these attachments at the end of your treatment, you may be curious about any potential discomfort. Keep reading as we discuss the purpose of Invisalign attachments and what you can expect when having them removed.


April 7, 2023

My Clear Aligners Are Turning Yellow: What Should I Do?

a patient holding an Invisalign tray

Are you currently undergoing Invisalign treatment and noticing that your aligner trays are becoming stained and yellow? It’s important to understand the reasons behind this discoloration and how to effectively keep your aligners clean and clear. Continue reading as we explore the causes of aligner staining as well as provide useful tips to help you maintain the appearance of your Invisalign.


March 19, 2023

TMJ Therapy: An Expected Timeline & Possible Treatment Options

a woman holding her jaw due to the pain from TMJ disorder

It’s been said that your health is your wealth. There truly is no price that can be put on having a healthy smile and living pain-free. Unfortunately, some people don’t have this luxury. It’s estimated that roughly 10 million people suffer from TMJ disorder. The pain associated with this issue can keep you from enjoying everyday pleasures, such as eating a delicious meal or having a conversation with loved ones. Fortunately, TMJ therapy can offer relief and help return you to a more comfortable smile. Read on to learn more about TMJ disorder and various treatment options.  


March 10, 2023

Invisalign Aligner Not Fitting Correctly? Here are 3 Helpful Tips!

a woman trying to make her aligner fit better

How people choose to straighten their teeth with orthodontics has changed a lot in the past few years. It’s estimated that while 4 million Americans have traditional braces, 11 million are undergoing Invisalign treatment. Obviously, the comfort, convenience, and discretion that come with the removable clear aligners are major benefits that can cause patients to opt for this revolutionary orthodontic. However, while they do offer unparalleled flexibility, sometimes you may find some difficulty getting your aligner to sit correctly onto your teeth. Here’s what to know about how aligners should fit and some easy solutions!


February 19, 2023

Can Braces Fix a TMJ Disorder?

Gloved hand pointing to TMJYour temporomandibular joints (TMJ) are located on either side of your face. They connect your jaw to your skull, allowing you to open and close your mouth. Your TMJs let you make many movements vital for your quality of life, like chewing, talking, and yawning. However, injury, inflammation, and other issues can cause the joint to function incorrectly. Many factors can increase your risk of a TMJ disorder, like an unbalanced bite. Although braces can fix the problem, there are other solutions to stop TMJ pain


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